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This color has an approximate wavelength of 481.36 nm. • Pantone swatches are ideally suited for specifying, controlling and communicating your color choices • When selecting swatches consult current Pantone Fashion + Home publications for accurate color. • The swatch illustrated on this page may not be an exact match of PANTONE … This Pantone SMART Color Swatch Card is a FHI color and measures at 4" x 8" when unfolded and 4" x 4" when folded. The top tab of the swatch has the name and number (12-4301 TCX Almond Milk) four times across the top so you can easily cut the swatch into strips and use as needed. PANTONE 11-4301 TPG Fashion, Home + Interiors . #DBD9CE 97%. PANTONE 12-0404 TPX Fashion, Home + Interiors .

Pantone 4301

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3307. 3507. 3501. 3415.

Penguin. Handla köksprodukter från Cult Design online Cult Design - Orient Tekanna 1.5 L Rosé - Brygg ditt te i en äkta tekanna som kompletteras fint med muggarna i  Panasonic. Pantone.

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866-912-4301 Durwald Pantone. 866-912-0771.

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N/A. BLACK. EF-01. 3C. STORM GREY . For more accurate color selection, refer to the closest Pantone cross reference.

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Pantone 4301

Läs mer här. Bordslampa GOLD FIRE med stor elegant glasskärm för behagligt ljus Med den raka glasformen har denna attraktiva bordslampa en  Pantone CAPSURE, PanzerGlass, PanzerGlass Case Friendly, PanzerGlass Vogel's Sound 4301, Vogel's Sound 4303, Vogel's Superflat S EFW 8105  Z Zegna Lhitga4301xner Män's Black Leather Sneakers 4 990,00 kr. Z Zzegna Lhgfla2511xgrn Män's Grå läder slip på sneakers 6 090,00 kr. Santoni  4752x3168px rostfritt stål ram, förstoringsglas, färgfläkt, pantone, tryckfärger, bok, CC0, offentligt domän, royaltyfria Public Domain; 4301x3888px certifikat,  5227 4299 4300 4301 4302 4303 4304 SILHOUETTE TITAN NEXT GENERATION. Mod. TM : Actual size se quote Pantone Solid Coated numbers. If none  Terminal zaprepašćenje Udisati Rostfri rundstång EN1.4301 20 mm Simpatija fragment šef ROSTFRI RUNDSTÅNG 20mm EN1.4301  518-979-2536.

The LRV for Pantone 11-4301 TPG Lily White is 75.66. The LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value and measures the percentage of light that a color reflects. Learn more about Light Reflectance Values and using RGB and Hex codes for paint. PANTONE SMART 11-4301 TCX Color Swatch Card, Lily White. $12.60. $11.95 (You save $0.65) SKU: 874086002643 Condition: New Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours Pantone Polyester Swatch 19-4301 Blackout UPC 849572008553 Pantone Polyester Swatch Cards are the latest synthetic color standards for designers and product developers in apparel, textiles, and soft home. Shop for Pantone® 301 C samples and products on Pantone.
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Paper Collective. Paradisverkstaden. Patisse. Pelle Vävare. Penguin.

Scopri le principali informazioni del colore Almond Milk con codice PANTONE® 12-4301 TPG della categoria Fashion and Interior Designers. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) allows users to mix percentages of base inks (like CMYK) to create new colors, either physically (spot colors) or on the printed document using screens to allow certain amounts of ink through and then overlaying the base colors. Pantone Cotton swatch color standard TCX from PANTONE Fashion, Home + Interior system. Setting up seasonal color palettes has never been easier, always use fresh Pantone Swatch cards within your supply chain and Quality Controll process for best results. Delivery directly to you from Pantone European warehouse normally within 2-4 working days.
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Learn more about Light Reflectance Values and using RGB and Hex codes for paint. Pantone / PMS 11-4301 TCX / Lily White / #e2e2da Hex Color Code. The hexadecimal color code #e2e2da is a very light shade of yellow-green. In the RGB color model #e2e2da is comprised of 88.63% red, 88.63% green and 85.49% blue. In the HSL color space #e2e2da has a hue of 60° (degrees), 12% saturation and 87% lightness. PANTONE SMART 11-4301X Color Swatch Card, Lily White.

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Tints, shades and tones. Tints, shades and tones are generated from the base color by adding white, black and gray paint to it respectively. The process results a harmonic color scale. PANTONE SMART 11-4301 TCX Color Swatch Card, Lily White $12.60 $11.95.

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Color space information #e2e2da | Pantone 11-4301 Tcx Lily White. Similar Pantone Color name Information, Color Schemes, Light / Darkshades, Tones,  Color space information #e4e3dd | Pantone 11-4301 Tpg Lily White.

Pantone / PMS 430 U / #808991 Hex Color Code. The hexadecimal color code #808991 is a shade of cyan-blue. In the RGB color model #808991 is comprised of 50.2% red, 53.73% green and 56.86% blue.